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Write may refer to any of the following:

Binary code flowing to or from a USB flash drive.

1. When referring to data or a storage device, writing is taking information and moving it to an alternate location. For example, saving data onto a diskette is the same as writing information to a diskette.

Almost all forms of media are writable, which means any information can be written to it. However, if a disk is write protected or you don't have permission to write to the media, you will receive a write error.


In contrast to writing is reading.

2. Linux command, see the write command page for further information.

3. In general, write is a term that describes the action of typing text. For example, when you type text into a search engine, such as Google, you are "writing" in your search query.


A word processor is software used to write a letter or anther type of document.

4. When dealing with permissions or security, write is a setting that lets a user or computer write to a file. For example, if a file is set as read-only, the computer would not be able to make changes to a file.

In MS-DOS and the Windows command line, a file can be made read-only using the attrib command. In Linux, the write attribute can be adjusted using the chmod command.

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