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X may refer to any of the following:

1. In general, an x is used to represent a generic variable. For example, you may see Computer Hope and other companies write Microsoft Windows 3.x. In this case, the "x" can be replaced with any valid digit. For instance, it may represent the "1" in Windows 3.1 or the "11" in Windows 3.11.

2. When referring to a computer CD drive, an X refers to the transfer speed. For example, the original 1X CD-ROM had a speed of 153,600 BPS, and a 24X CD-ROM has a BPS of 3,686,400 or 153,600 x 24. The higher the number, the faster that data is going to be read from the CD drive. See the CD-ROM definition for further information about transfer speeds.

3. Formerly Google X, X is a subsidiary of the Alphabet conglomerate. See the X company page for further information.

4. In mathematics, an x may be used to represent a times sign. For example, 4 x 4 = 16. The times sign may also be represented as an interpunct (·) or an asterisk (*). See our multiply page for further information.

5. When shown in the top-right corner of a window, the X is a button used to close a window.

6. X is a service found on some IRC networks that allows users to manage the chat rooms, called channels, that they have access to view.

7. Abbreviation for X Window System. See the x command page for further information about this command.

8. X is a key used with the keyboard shortcuts Alt+X, Command+X, and Ctrl+X.

9. In chat, 'x' or 'X' is a way of representing a kiss. For example, "xoxo" is kiss, hug, kiss, and hug.

10. With regular expressions, "x" is a regular expression flag that allows spaces and comments.

11. With Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs, "X" is the twenty-fourth column of a spreadsheet. To reference the first cell in the column, you'd use "X1."

12. In the phonetic alphabet, "X" is often pronounced as "x-ray."

13. X is the twenty-fourth letter of the English alphabet. The letter "X" comes after "W" and is followed by the letter "Y." To create a capitalized "X" press the Shift key and X at the same time.

On a U.S. QWERTY keyboard, the "X" key is on the bottom row, to the right of "Z" and left of the "C" key. See our keyboard page for a visual example of all keyboard keys.


If the "X" key is not working on the keyboard, see: Some of the keys on my computer keyboard aren't working.


In ASCII the uppercase "X" is "088" in decimal (01011000 in binary). The lowercase "x" is "120" in decimal (01111000 in binary).

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