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x definitionX may refer to any of the following:

1. In general, an x is used to represent a generic variable. For example, you may see Computer Hope and other companies list Microsoft Windows 3.x. In this case, the x can be replaced with any valid digit. For instance, it may represent the "1" in Windows 3.1 or the "11" in Windows 3.11.

2. When referring to a computer CD drive, an X refers to the transfer speed. For example, the original 1X CD-ROM had a speed of 153,600 BPS, this means a 24X has a BPS of 3,686,400 or 153,600 x 24. The higher the number, the faster data is going to be read from the CD drive. See the CD-ROM definition for further information about transfer speeds.

3. In mathematics, an x may be used to represent a times sign. For example, 4 x 4 = 16. The times sign may also be represented as a middle-period (∙) or an asterisk (*).

4. X is a service found on some IRC networks that allows users to manage the chat rooms, called channels, that they have access to view.

5. Abbreviation for X-Windows. See the x command page for further information about this command.

6. In chat, 'x' or 'X' is a way of representing a kiss. For example, "xoxo" is kiss, hug, kiss, and hug.

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