Yahoo! Pipes

Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope
Yahoo! Pipes

Yahoo! developed and released the Yahoo! Pipes as an easy way to aggregate data from multiple sources, including RSS feeds, web pages, photo systems like Flickr, and other services. Doing so essentially creates a new web-based application, which you can publish for others to use. Use the application's graphical user interface to pull in (pipe) information from various sources and build rules to filter the incoming information, to determine what to show.

Yahoo! released the Yahoo! Pipes application on February 7, 2007 as a beta test. All pipe creation and editing are done online, without the need to download any software or plug-ins and only requires a Yahoo! account. The Pipe Editor consists of the canvas, library, and debugger. The canvas is where the creation and editing occur. The library consists of the various sources where data feeds can be pulled. The debugger displays the resulting output from what is built on the canvas. It also displays data from the selected sources in the library. A pipe is what is being created on the canvas, lending to the name Yahoo! Pipes.

On September 30, 2015, Yahoo! Pipes shut down.

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