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Yelp is a search engine for users who want to find businesses in their area. The website is operated by Yelp, Incorporated; it includes a 5-point system for users to review their experiences with a particular businesses. Other information is available for each business, including the address, hours, and even parking. Users can provide updates to the business listing pages but only with moderator approval. Businesses, however, are allowed to make updates directly to their listing pages, but they are not able to delete their listing unless approved by a moderator. consists of some social networking aspects, due to the input from users to help create local online communities and aid users in finding local businesses. has become very popular, receiving over 71 million unique visitors in January 2012 alone. While the site has received some criticism regarding the fairness of user reviews, it's touted as a great resource by millions of users that visited the site.

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