MS-DOS and Windows command line keyb command

Updated: 05/21/2018 by Computer Hope
keyb command at a command line C prompt.

The keyb command is used to change the layout of the keyboard to match those used in different countries.


The keyb is an external command that is available for the following Microsoft operating systems as

Keyb syntax

Configures a keyboard for a specific language.

KEYB [xx[,[yyy][,[drive:][path]filename]]] [/E] [/ID:nnn]
xx Specifies a two-letter keyboard code.
yyy Specifies the code page for the character set.
[drive:][path]filename Specifies the keyboard definition file.
/E Specifies that an enhanced keyboard is installed.
/ID:nnn Specifies the keyboard in use.


BE 120
CF 058
DF 159
FR/120 189/120
GR 129
IT/142 141/142
LA 171
NL 143
NO 155
PO 163
SF 150
SG 000
SP 172
SU 153
SV 153
UK/168 166/168
US 103

Keyb examples

Loading the Keyboard as United States format in MS-DOS and Windows 3.x:

keyb us, ,c:\dos\keyboard.sys

Loading the Keyboard as United States format in Windows 95 and Windows 98:

keyb us, ,c:\windows\command\keyboard.sys