Microsoft DOS lh and loadhigh command

Updated: 05/21/2018 by Computer Hope

About lh

Used to load programs in to high memory to free up your conventional memory, this command is used in your autoexec.bat file.


The lh command is an internal command loaded in the autoexec.bat that is available in the below Microsoft operating systems.

Loadhigh syntax

Loads a program into the upper memory area.

LOADHIGH [drive:][path]file name [parameters]
LOADHIGH [/L:region1[,minsize1][;region2[,minsize2]...] [/S]][drive:][path]file name [parameters]

/L:region1[,minsize1][;region2[,minsize2]] Specifies the region(s) of memory in which to load the program. Region1 specifies the number of the first memory region; minsize1 specifies the minimum size, if any, for region1. Region2 and minsize2 specify the number and minimum size of the second region, if any. You can specify as many regions as you want.
/S Shrinks a UMB to its minimum size while the program is loading.
[drive:][path]file name Specifies the location and name of the program.

Loadhigh examples


Load the mouse driver into higher memory.

Additional information

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