Linux questions and answers

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Reference Question
Linux Linux dictionary definition and related links.
Commands Full listing of all Linux, Unix, and variant commands and their syntax.
Drivers Computer drivers and manufacturer listing.
History The history of Linux and Unix.
Tips Linux related tips and tricks.
Contacts Linux, Unix, and related companies and their contact information.
CH000484 How to change the prompt.
CH000554 How to set a computers date and time.
CH000574 How do I remove Linux and install Windows?
CH000575 Linux vs. Windows
CH000606 How to turn off, restart, and shutdown Linux.
CH000619 Command line vs. GUI.
CH000623 How do I find files in Linux and Unix?
CH000624 How do I determine how much disk space I have in Linux and Unix?
CH000651 How do I rm or mv a file that begins with a dash?
CH000694 Where can I get Linux?
CH000742 How to create a directory or folder.
CH000743 How do I delete a file or folder?
CH000756 How can I see how many files or directories are in a Linux directory?
CH000757 How do I find files in Linux or Unix?
CH000766 How do I copy files?
CH000767 How do I change my username or password?
CH000769 How do I determine the size of a file?
CH000772 How do I print a listing of files in a directory?
CH000773 How do I open, create, edit, or view a file in Linux?
CH000795 How do I change directories?
CH000798 How do I remove a full directory in Linux?
CH000817 How can I read and send e-mail in a telnet or SSH session?
CH000838 How to copy a directory or folder.
CH000846 How do I change the name of a file or folder?
CH000854 Is the command line and MS-DOS really needed anymore?
CH001029 How to install Ubuntu.
CH001078 How can I renew or release an IP in Linux?
CH001105 How do I change the password in Linux?
CH001106 How do I know what kernel and distro of Linux I have?
CH001145 How do I find what files are taking space in Linux?
CH001310 Difference between cd .. and cd / commands.
CH001315 How do I list files?
CH001326 How do I count how many files are in a folder?
CH001359 How to create a text file.
CH001476 How do I move files?
CH001583 Can I install non Linux software in Linux?
CH001589 Is Linux Unix?
CH001590 What is the most user friendly Linux distribution?
CH001638 How do I create a link in Linux?
CH001639 How to become root in linux.
CH001645 How can I customize my command prompt in bash?
CH001646 How is a variable maintained in Linux?
CH001647 How to add directory to system path in Linux
CH001648 How to run .sh in Linux
CH001649 How to view and count users on a Linux system.
CH001650 How to update Ubuntu.
CH001720 How can I open an image file from the Linux terminal?
CH001722 How to identify the version of Linux running on a computer.
CH001723 How to find files and directories in Linux.
CH001745 How do I save a file in Linux after using the vi command?
CH001752 How to open Microsoft Word documents in Linux.
CH001768 How to view a PDF file in Linux.
CH001832 How to install Ubuntu on your Windows computer.
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