MDK Walkthrough

Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope

Level 1 Arena 1

First, you'll find yourself in a small room with a hallway ahead of you. Turn around and grab the Monkey Box. Then, head out the hallway and into the outside.

Once outside, you will find a Grunt. Wait until he turns to face you, then blow him away. Look to your left and you should find a World's Smallest Nuclear Explosion. Pick this up, and go to the door with the nuclear symbol on it. Toss the World's Smallest Nuclear Explosion at the door. Be careful to backup and stay clear of the blast.

Level 1 Arena 2

You will reach an area called a "Practice Room." You will see in front of you an opaque, red wall. In the distance is a tower with a Grunt waving at you. Go into Sniper Mode, and zoom in on this Grunt. You will see that he is carrying a target. Shoot this target, it will be considered a head shot, and the Grunt will blow up. Two more Grunts will pop up, and you'll need to do the same thing to them. When all three Grunts are down, a XBOMB will drop. Shoot this, and the whole tower will blow up.

Once the tower blows up, a Grenade will fall from the ski. Pick up this Grenade and use it on the red wall. You are now faced with the bottom portion of the tower. You need to jump over to the Mortar sitting on the little pillar here. Once you have the Mortar, stand near the column and go into Sniper Mode. Select the Mortar as you ammunition, and fire a Mortar into the hole above the doorway. The Mortar will drop on the other side, and blow the doors outward. Go inside and destroy the Grunt Generator. In the corner is a Dummy Decor, grab it. You will see three Grunts with shields who will knock you off the platforms. You can either blow up the three Grunts that have shields, use the Dummy Decoy to distract them and jump up the ledges, or you can zoom in and use a regular sniper bullet and kill them with a head shot. Climb to the top and follow the tunnel out.

Level 1 Arena 3

Once out in the open again, head right and grab the Bones Airstrike. Turn left to face the large clearing. You can either charge the troops and the tank, or you can destroy the tank first. You can destroy the tank in one of three ways... shoot it outright, Airstrike it, or wait for it to get near a XBOMB and snipe the XBOMB. Either way, head for the large building, and shoot the XBOMB at the top of the doorway. Watch out for the Suicidal Grunts! Once inside, destroy the Grunt Generator, and jump into the hole it leaves behind. Follow the tunnel until you reach a subway, being careful to watch for more Grunts.

Level 1 Arena 4

Once in the subway, you will find some Homing Bullets to your right, some Grenades under the Grunt Generator in the hallway, and a Grenade on the train. Go to the far end of the subway, and approach the ornate door as you are being attacked by a tank watch out for the Grunts it shoots out! Destroy it in whichever way you find best, and proceed through the next tunnel.

Level 1 Arena 5

You will emerge into another clearing, and be greeted by a Grunt. If you have more than 30 life, shoot the Control Panel the Grunt was guarding, and a Bomber will come up and hover. Jump onto the Bomber, and you'll be playing the very cool Bombing Run. You have a maximum of ten bombs falling at any one time, so spread the destruction! Or, skip the Bombing Run and head straight for the large building in the middle of the three buildings. Several Bombers will attempt to blow you up, so keep moving. Beware of the Tank!

Once you have reached the building, blow up a Bomber over the center building, and the hull will destroy the building. Go inside and destroy the Grunt Generator, and grab the World's Smallest Nuclear Explosion. Then, circle the building and exit the far end of the clearing by tossing the World's Smallest Nuclear Explosion at the door with the nuclear symbol on it. As always, follow the tunnel.

Level 1 Arena 6

You will find yourself inside a canyon of sorts. Head to your right and you will find a small fort blocking your way. Destroy the attacking fighters and the cannon, then take a look at the top of the little fort. You will see four twisted tubes, one above each of the four taunting Grunts. Fire a Mortar into each tube, and the Mortar will drop on the Grunts, thereby blowing up the fort. If you are out of Mortars, just look around, and one will be on the ground somewhere nearby.

Once the fort is destroyed, you will see a canyon and two tanks firing at you. You can jump down into the canyon and dash into the next tunnel, thereby ignoring the tanks altogether, or you can jump and glide to the other side, where the tanks are, and you can find a Monkey Box.

Level 1 Arena 7

You will find yourself in a large room with opaque ledges. You need to jump down to the bottom where the large target is on the floor. Throw a grenade at it and blow it up. If you are out of grenades, just look around, and one will be on the floor. You will see a vent that blows air upwards. Jump onto the vent and ride the air up and glide over to the nearest ledge. Climb up the arena in counter-clockwise jumps from ledge to ledge. You may want to shoot the guards first. Once at the top, go through the doorway and follow the tunnel.

Level 1 Arena 8

You will find yourself in a narrow hallway, with a door ahead of you with Sentries and a door to your right with a nuclear symbol. Go down the hallway to the left, where you will find an Alert Drone. Shoot it, and hop into the shell left behind. Then, using the Alert Drone for cover, go into the room with all the large Sentries. As you past the large Missile Sentry, the Drone will self-destruct, and you should jump for cover. You'll find a World's Most Interesting Bomb. Toss that at the Missile Sentry, then stand clear and press the Use Item button again. The World's Most Interesting Bomb will explode, taking the Sentries with it.

Go back outside and grab the World's Smallest Nuclear Explosion and toss it at the door. Follow the next tunnel out until you reach another air foil. Ride this upward.

Level 1 Arena 9

At the top, you will find yourself outside. Off in the distance is the main control tower for the City Mine Crawler. Go into Sniper Mode and zoom in on the main boss for this City Mine Crawler, Slit Eye. Be careful to select a powerful weapon, and fire at Slit Eye.. As soon as you commence attacking him, Slit Eye will call in the troops, so be careful to dodge the fire and fire at Slit Eye. The easiest way to kill Slit Eye is to fire Sniper Grenades at him.

As soon as you have accomplished this mission, the entire City Mine Crawler will blow up and you are sucked into the Stream.

Level 1 Arena 10

While floating through the stream, stay clear of the sides. You can't be killed, but if you play it safe and stick to the middle, you can get a Monkey Box.

Level 2 Arena 1

First, grab the Sniper Grenade that drop next to you, then head down the hallway. You will find a Missile Sentry to contend with, as well as an Alert Droid. Destroy the Missile Sentry, or just grab the World's Smallest Nuclear Explosion and use it to blow open the door.

Level 2 Arena 2

Jump into the tunnel, and glide down to the other side. This is a pretty easy section. At the bottom, you will reach a target range that the Aliens are practicing in right now... The best thing to do is to look to your right, and side-step across the targeting range, slowing, and speeding up to avoid the cannon fire. If you fall off, just head back the to beginning and climb up. Once on the other side, run down the ramp until you begin sliding again.

Level 2 Arena 3

You will find another air vent. Ride this up and glide into a room with a big nuclear door. Grab the Mortar at the top of the ramp, and fire a Mortar into the little window in the glass wall. When the Mortar explodes, a World's Smallest Nuclear Explosion will drop, and you can use it on the door to continue on.

Level 2 Arena 4

Run up the narrow ramp until you reach a room with open windows. Staying on the top level, follow the glass ledges until you get a Grenade. Now, there is a Grunt Foreman here... Try not to provoke him outright, or he will become very dangerous. shoot one of the Grunts carrying the missiles near you, and jump into the resulting hole. If you do engage the Grunt Foreman, be sure to throw lots of ammunition his way!

Level 2 Arena 5

You will find yourself in another slide... At the bottom, you will slide straight into the firing range, behind the cannons you were dodging earlier. If you are low on life, there is a Turkey here. Jump onto the third cannon, the one with the Turkey. Each time you press fire, the cannon will fire. Fire three times, and the entire cannon will be catapulted through the back window and out into the open.

Level 2 Arena 6

At this point, use the Ribbon Chute and glide towards the three large cannons. Glide as far as you can, but be careful to land on one of the mid-air platforms. On the ground you will find several powerups, including a Monkey Box. If you drop to the ground, find the air vent, and ride the air current up to the suspended platforms. Then, follow the platforms until you reach the tunnel behind and above the cannons, and continue from through the tunnel. Be careful to avoid the cannon fire!

Level 2 Arena 7

Going through the next slide tunnel will bring you to a large, open area. You will see several mid-air platforms and a pendulum. There is a Grunt Commando jumping around and trying to kill you. You need to defeat him, or the door to the exit will not open. If you fall to the ground, dodge the large boulders and use the air vent to get backup to the mid-air platforms. Once you get through the door, slide down the tunnel again.

Level 2 Arena 8

You'll find yourself in another large arena, but with lots of reflective surfaces and many Grunt Commandos, Flyers, and Missile Sentries trying to take your life. On the far side of the area is a large nuclear door. Jump around, dodging and shooting, until you find the World's Smallest Nuclear Explosion. And, use the World's Smallest Nuclear Explosion on the nuclear door and clear out of here. Once you blow up the nuclear door, you will find another air vent. Jump onto the air vent and ride it up. You'll find another slide, so follow it down until you reach an air vent, and ride this vent up.

Level 2 Arena 9

At the top of the air vent you will find yourself back outside. A transport will land, and two Grunts will jump off to attack you. Jump onto the transport, then destroy the Grunts. Once the Grunts are gone, the transport will begin moving again. If you are not on the transport at the time, another one will come, just jump onto it right away.

After being sent on a roller coaster ride through the air, at the end of which you will find yourself in the fortress of Gunta, Jr. Follow the tunnel until you reach the private quarters of Gunta, Jr.

Level 2 Arena 10

Once you are in the private quarters of Gunta, Jr., climb the ramp and get the Turkey if you need health. Then, go into Sniper Mode and shoot at Gunta, Jr. You can shoot out both eyes, and his nose. Once you have wounded him, he will begin to attack you with a flying vehicle. Shoot down his vehicle, and ground him!

Once Gunta, Jr. is on the ground, he will begin pushing buttons to call out Grunts. Shoots him as quickly as possible to minimize the number of Grunts generated. For a fair fight, get on the ground with him. For an easier out, stay on the ramp the entire time and throw munitions from there.

Once you have defeated Gunta, Jr., the entire City Mine Crawler will self-destruct, and you will again be caught up in the Stream.