Computer Hope media library

Updated: 04/09/2024 by Computer Hope
Computer Hope logo

The Computer Hope media library provides images of our company logos and assets. Computer Hope grants permission to the public to reproduce and publish complete images ("photographs") from this section of Computer Hope's website, with the following restrictions.

  • Images only promote Computer Hope services;
  • Images don't disparage Computer Hope or Computer Hope's services;
  • Computer Hope may cancel the permission at any time.

Computer Hope logo

Below are different dimensions of the Computer Hope logo to help accommodate all types of media and websites. All these images are the Computer Hope "CH" logo in all blue with a transparent background and saved as PNG (portable network graphics).

File name Dimension
logo-small.png 69 x 69
logo-100.png 100 x 100
logo-200.png 200 x 200
logo-300.png 300 x 300
logo-400.png 400 x 400
logo-500.png 500 x 500
logo-1000.png 1000 x 1000
logo.svg SVG (Scalar Vector Graphic) Vector

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