Computer file extensions - M

Updated: 07/13/2023 by Computer Hope
computer m extensions

Below is a listing of each of the different file extensions that begin with the letter "M." If you are looking for a file extension that starts with a different letter, click the corresponding beginning letter below.

.M3U Audio playlist file for media players, such as iTunes and Winamp.
.M3U8 UTF-8 encoded audio playlist file for media players, such as iTunes and Winamp.
.M4A An MPEG-4 formatted audio file, often using the AAC or ALAC codec.
.M4V Apple iTunes video file in the MPEG-4 format, with built-in Copyright protection.
.MAC Macintosh MacPaint file.
.MBX Microsoft Outlook Express mailbox file.
.MCD MechaniCad Drawing file.
.MD Compressed archive file.
.MDA 1. Microsoft Access add-in.
2. Microsoft Access 2 workgroup file.
.MDB 1. Microsoft Access database.
2. Microsoft Access application file.
.MDE Microsoft Access database file.
.MDF Menu definition file.
.MDL 1. Digitrakker Music module file.
2. Rational Rose file.
3. Quake model file.
.MDM Telix Modem definition.
.MDN Microsoft Access blank database template.
.MDP Microsoft Developer Studio project.
.MDT Microsoft Access add-in data.
.MDW Microsoft Access workgroup information.
.MDX dBase IV multiple index file.
.MDZ Microsoft Access wizard template.
.MEB WordPerfect Macro Editor bottom overflow file.
.MED 1. WordPerfect Macro Editor deleted save.
2. OctaMed tracker module sound file.
.MEM WordPerfect Macro Editor macro.
.MFA MFA is a proprietary file extension used by the Games Factory and Fusion game engines.
.MHT MHTML file and Windows Problem Steps Recorder file.
.MID MIDI orchestra files that play with MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) sounds built into the sound card.
.MIM 1. MIME (multipurpose Internet mail extension) compressed file extracted file.
2. Compressed file used with compression utilities.
.MIX 1. Power C object file.
2. Multiplayer picture file (Microsoft Photodraw 2000 and Microsoft Picture It!).
3. Command & Conquer Movie/Sound file.
.MK3D A Matroska 3D stereoscopic 3D video file. See our mkv page for further information.
.MKA A Matroska audio-only file. See our mkv page for further information.
.MKS A Matroska is a stream file. See our mkv page for further information.
.MKV Short for Matroska, .MKV is similar to an ".OGM" file. It is an open-source, cross-platform movie file. See our mkv page for further information.
.MME Compressed file extracted and used with compression utilities.
.MNG Multiple network graphics file.
.MNO Dreamweaver XML (extensible markup language) formatted file to store information about an associated file edited in Dreamweaver.
.MOD Winoldap files that support (with grabbers) data exchange between DOS apps and Windows apps.
.MOV File used with QuickTime to display a movie.
.MP1 MPEG audio stream, layer I file.
.MP2 MPEG audio stream, layer II file.
.MP3 MPEG audio stream, layer III file that is a high compressed audio file format used to record audio tracks and store them in a decent sized file available for playback. See the MP3 definition for further information.
.MPG MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) movie file.
.MPK Memory pack file for Project64, a Nintendo 64 emulator.
.MPL AVCHD digital camcorder playlist file.
.MPP Microsoft Project file.
.MRW Digital camera RAW file format.
.MSC Microsoft Common Console file.
.MSI Microsoft installer file. Used to set up and install a Microsoft program.
.MSN 1. Microsoft Network document.
2. Descent mission file.
.MSP Microsoft Paint file format file or Microsoft Windows Installer patch.
.MTF Windows metafile.
.MTH Derive Math file.
.MTM A sound file and MultiTracker music module.
.MTV Picture file.
.MTW Minitab data file.
.MU Quattro menu.
.MUL Ultima Online game file.
.MUP Music publisher file.
.MUS Audio file.
.MVB Database file and Microsoft multimedia viewer file.
.MVE Interplay video file.
.MVF Movie stop frame file.
.MWP Lotus Wordpro 97 smartmaster file.
.MXD ArcInfo map file.
.MXT Microsoft C data file.
.MYD Make your point presentation file.