Introduction to Computer Hope

Updated: 12/30/2021 by Computer Hope
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Computer Hope is designed to assist all computer users with their computer questions and learn more about their computers. We hope you enjoy your visit to Computer Hope and look forward to helping you for years to come.

About Computer Hope

Founded in November 1998, Computer Hope re-defined the term "technical support" by offering free technical support and information to everyone, no matter the computer, hardware, software, or operating system. We hope to become the largest free support center online and the place you visit when you want to learn more about computers.

See our company information section for further information about Computer Hope.

What Computer Hope has to offer

Technical support - Technical support is the primary goal of Computer Hope. For those looking for computer help, start here.

Search engine - The Computer Hope search is designed to give you an answer to your questions as fast as possible. When performing a search, it's first processed by Hopebot, our helper bot capable of giving an immediate response for several hundred thousand different questions. If Hopebot cannot help, your search is processed by the same search engine that powers Google. The search boxes are at the top and bottom of every page.


Press the Alt+S keyboard shortcut to focus the search.

Computer help forums - Our help forums enable thousands of Computer Hope users to communicate with each other and help each other with computer-related questions.

Computer dictionary - Computers and computer-related products are notorious for their obscure language and acronyms, which is why having a dictionary is so helpful. Our dictionary has over 15,000 computer-related terms with thousands of images that make it one of the best places to look up terms.

Computer chat - Our online chat service enables Computer Hope visitors to chat live with Computer Hope and Computer Hope chat volunteers.

Computer tips - Our tips section helps you get the most out of your computer and lists hundreds of useful tips in all the major computer categories.

Computer history - Our history section lists computer-related history from the 1500s to today and is an excellent reference point for learning more about computer history.

Computer company contacts - Computer Hope is a great resource, but you may still need to contact the manufacturer or developer through our company contacts section. This page is a wealth of company contact information such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses, business addresses, web addresses, and more.

Online tools - We have developed several online tools to help diagnose and give you valuable information online without downloading any software.

We believe that navigation is one of the most important parts of a website. Below we give a quick overview of the navigation elements on Computer Hope.

Top of the page navigation

  • Help - Starting place for finding free help on Computer Hope
  • Tips - Direct link to our tips section.
  • Dictionary - Our computer dictionary, with thousands of definitions.
  • History - Our history section, which has a complete overview of computer history
  • Forums - Quick link to access the Computer Hope forums.
  • Contact - Links the user to ways of contacting Computer Hope and other companies.

Bottom of each page

At the bottom of each page, vote if a site was helpful, give feedback, e-mail the page, share with a friend, and print the page.

Footer of each page

Finally, in the footer (very bottom of each page), find the search, most recently added pages to the site, useful links, and all Computer Hope social media links.

How to use Computer Hope

We've worked hard at making Computer Hope as easy to use as possible. One way we've done this is by making our search as smart as possible by integrating Hopebot in our search. Below are a few examples of how to use this search at the top and bottom of every page.

  • Any computer term can be entered to get immediate information and related links about that term. For example, typing "keyboard" in the search immediately forwards you to the keyboard page with full information about computer keyboards.
  • Asking a question like "Why doesn't my keyboard work?" forwards you to a page to help troubleshoot a computer keyboard. We've added hundreds of thousands of questions to our database allow you to ask almost any computer question and get an immediate response.
  • A common direct search like "keyboard drivers" forwards you to information about keyboard drivers and layouts.

Finally, if you cannot find what you're looking for, contact Computer Hope or our volunteers by clicking the contact link at the top of every page.