Linux and Unix links

Updated: 06/05/2017 by Computer Hope
Local Description
Linux and Unix Our section that includes full listing of Linux and Unix related information and commands.
Unix variants Information about Unix as well as listing of Unix variants.
Linux variants Information about Linux as well as listing of Linux variants.
History The history of Unix and Linux.
Third-party Description
Debian Linux Homepage of Debian Linux the free operating system included with over 3950 packages.
FreeBSD Homepage of FreeBSD a BSD operating system.
TLDP A fantastic site containing hundreds of various Linux related documents and pages containing Linux help. A great page with LINUX news and information.
MINIX Homepage of MINIX.
NetBSD Homepage of NetBSD a free multi-platform version of BSD.
OpenBSD Homepage of OpenBSD a free multi-platform version of BSD.
QNX Homepage of QNX.
Red Hat Linux Homepage of Red Hat Linux a popular and widely used Linux variant used by end-users and businesses.
SuSE Linux Homepage for SuSE Linux another commonly used Linux variant in the business market.
Tru64 Unix Additional information and documentation on Tru64 Unix from Compaq.
Turbolinux Homepage of Turbolinux operating system.
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux homepage. worldwide consortium empowered with the stewardship and collaborative development of the X Windows System technology and standards.
Companies Description
Caldera Caldera company information.
Compaq Compaq company information.
Digital Digital company information.
HP Hewlett Packard company information.
IBM IBM company information.
Linspire Linspire company information.
Microsoft Microsoft company information.
Novell Novell company information.
SCO SCO company information.
Sun Sun company information.