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11/10/2017How to align text in Microsoft Excel, Calc, and Google Sheets
11/10/2017How to change a drive letter.
11/10/2017How to insert a picture in Microsoft PowerPoint
11/10/2017How to insert a sound file into a PowerPoint presentation
11/10/2017How to upgrade a hard drive
10/30/2017How to manage your friends on Twitch
10/30/2017How to support a Twitch streamer
10/17/2017How to install, enable, and troubleshoot Bluetooth
10/17/2017How to access and change computer keyboard settings
10/17/2017How to connect an external hard drive to a computer
10/17/2017How to convert an HTML document to a text document
10/17/2017How to delete text in a document
10/17/2017How to install WSL on Windows 10
09/22/2017Description of each category and icon in the Control Panel
09/22/2017Why does a browser need to save my history?
09/22/2017What can and cannot be done in a text file
09/22/2017How to change language in Windows
09/20/2017Description of each category and icon in the Control Panel
09/15/2017How do you know if an account is real or fake
09/15/2017How do you know if a news story is fake news?