Alain Glavieux

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Alain GlavieuxName: Alain Glavieux

Born: July 4, 1949

Death: September 24, 2004 (Age: 55)

Computer-related contributions

  • French professor in electrical engineering at École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne.
  • He was the co-inventor with Claude Berrou and Punya Thitimajshima of a groundbreaking coding scheme called turbo codes, a new family of error-correction codes that forever changed the field of digital communications.

Significant publications

  • Glavieux has written or co written, more than 30 papers and the book Communications Numeriques-Introduction.

Honors and awards

  • IEEE Richard W. Hamming Medal (2003).
  • French Academy of Sciences Grand Prix France Telecom award (2003).
  • Golden Jubilee Award for Technological Innovation from the IEEE Information Theory Society.