Andrei Ershov

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Andrei ErshovName: Andrei Petrovich Ershov

Born: April 19, 1931, in Moscow

Death: December 8, 1988 (Age: 57)

Computer-related contributions

  • One of the early Soviet pioneers in the field of theoretical and systems programming, a founder of the Siberian School of Computer Science.
  • Developed ALPHA, an optimizing compiler for an Algol-like language; BETA, a huge multi-language environment; AIST-O, a multi access operating system; and MRAMOR, a desktop publishing system for Pravda.

Significant publications

  • Programming Programme for the BESM Computer.

Honors and awards

  • The first programmer to receive the Academician A.N.Krylov Prize.
  • Honored with an Order of the Red Banner three times (1967, 1975, and 1988).