Barry Boehm

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Barry BoehmName: Barry W. Boehm

Born: 1935

Computer-related contributions

  • American software engineer known for his many contributions to software engineering.
  • Was TRW Emeritus Professor of Software Engineering at the Computer Science Department of the University of Southern California.

Significant publications

  • Characteristics of Software Quality. With J.R. Brown, H. Kaspar, M. Lipow, G. McLeod, and M. Merritt, North Holland. (1978).
  • Software Engineering Economics. Englewood Cliffs, NJ : Prentice-Hall (1981).
  • Software Risk Management. IEEE Computer Society Press. (1989).
  • Ada and Beyond: Software Policies for the Department of Defense. National Academy Press. (1996).
  • Software engineering: Barry Boehm's lifetime contributions to software development, management, and research. Ed. by Richard Selby. Wiley/IEEE press (2007).

Honors and awards

  • Office of the Secretary of Defense Award for Excellence (1992).
  • ASQC Lifetime Achievement Award (1994).
  • ACM Distinguished Research Award in Software Engineering (1997).
  • IEEE International Stevens Award.