Bashir Rameyev

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Bashir RameyevName: Bashir Iskandarovich Rameyev

Born: May 1, 1918, in Russia

Death: May 16, 1994 (Age: 76)

Computer-related contributions

  • Soviet inventor and scientist, one of the founders of Soviet computing, author of 23 patents, including the first officially registered in the USSR patent in the field of electronic computers.
  • Designed the first serially manufactured Soviet mainframe "Strela".
  • Notably, one of "Strelas" was used to calculate "Sputnik" orbit trajectory.
  • Designed and oversaw the manufacturing of 14 different computers including: the multi-purpose "Ural" computer series.
  • One of the first to work with storing programs in computer memory, utilizing external devices, using binary code and deploying electronic circuits and semiconductor diodes.

Honors and awards

  • Stalin Prize of 1st degree, for the development of "Strela"