Bertrand Meyer

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Bertrand Meyer

Name: Bertrand Meyer

Born: 1950 in France

Computer-related contributions

  • Academic, author, and consultant in the field of computer languages.
  • Created the Eiffel programming language.
  • Meyer pursues the ideal of simple, elegant, and user-friendly computer languages and is one of the earliest and most vocal proponents of object-oriented programming (OOP).

Significant publications

  • Object-Oriented Software Construction.
  • Eiffel: The Language (a description of the Eiffel language).
  • Introduction to the Theory of Programming Languages and Touch of Class.

Honors and awards

  • "Senior award" winner of the first AITO Dahl-Nygaard award (2005).
  • Recognized as honorary doctor of Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics, and Optics (2006).
  • Software System Award of the ACM (2007).