Bill Pytlovany

Updated: 09/15/2017 by Computer Hope
Bill Pytlovany

Name: Bill Pytlovany

Born: Unknown

Computer-related contributions

  • Computer and network security program developer.
  • Known as the author of utility program WinPatrol.
  • Creator of the software behind the service now called, AOL.
  • Assists to expose and stamp out mystery programs commonly known as spyware, malware and adware.

Honors and awards

  • His program WinPatrol was selected by PC World Magazine as one of "The Best 100 Products of 2007.
  • Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional).
  • Elected to the Scotia-Glenville Central School Board.


"One of the funniest and ironic situations I've experienced with Microsoft is how they market new versions of Windows. To encourage folks to upgrade to new versions of Windows, Microsoft will acknowledge how bad their current version is."