Bob Evans

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Bob EvansName: Bob (Boe) Overton Evans

Born: August 19, 1927, in Grand Island, Nebraska

Death: September 2, 2004 (Age: 77)

Computer-related contributions

  • Computer pioneer and corporate executive at IBM (International Business Machines) known for the IBM System/360, a computer system and technologies which revolutionized the data processing industry.
  • Led the development of compatible computers that changed the industry.
  • Persuaded IBM's chairman, Thomas J. Watson Jr., to discontinue the company's development of incompatible computers and pursue the development of a single product line of general-purpose, compatible computers.

Honors and awards

  • Inducted into the Hall of Fellows of the Computer History Museum (2004).
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ Computer Pioneer Award (1991).
  • National Medal of Technology (1985).
  • National Academy of Engineering (1970).