Carolyn Meinel

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Carolyn Meinel

Name: Carolyn P. Meinel

Born: 1946

Computer-related contributions

  • American hacker and author.
  • Participated in the hacking scene during the 1990's.
  • She specialized in the style known as script-kiddie hacking.
  • Co-founded the L5 Society, which later became the National Space Society.
  • One of the targets of a high-profile e-mail bomber known as "Unamailer" or "johnny xchaotic" (1996).

Significant publications

  • Hacking for Dummies (2014).
  • GUIDE TO (mostly) HARMLESS HACKING (Beginners' Series Book 1) (2014).
  • Uberhacker II: More Ways to Break into a Computer (2003).
  • The Happy Hacker (2002).
  • Uberhacker: How to Break into Computers (2000).


"The insider threat from careless or complacent employees & contractors exceeds the threat from malicious insiders (though the latter is not negligible)."