Corrado Böhm

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Corrado Bohm

Name: Corrado Böhm

Born: 1923 in Milan, Italy

Computer-related contributions

  • Professor Emeritus at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". Computer scientist known for his contributions to the theory of structured programming, constructive mathematics, lambda-calculus, combinatory logic,and the semantics and implementation of functional programming languages.
  • Introduced P′′, the first imperative language without GOTO to be proved Turing-complete.

Significant publications

  • Calculatrices digitales. Du déchiffrage des formules mathématiques par la machine même dans la conception du programme (1954).
  • On a family of Turing machines and the related programming language (1964).
  • Alcune proprietà delle forme normali nel K calcolo.
  • Automatic Synthesis of typed Lambda-programs on Term Algebras.
  • Functional Programming and Combinatory algebras.

Honors and awards

  • Recipient of the 2001 EATCS Award for a distinguished career in theoretical computer science.