Computer People - D

Below is a listing of computer pioneers, inventors, and other people who have contributed to the computer industry that have a first or last name beginning with the letter 'D'. Clicking on any of the below links will open a biography for that person.

Dabbala Reddy
Indian American computer scientist and artificial intelligent pioneer.
Category: Scientist
Dale Dougherty
Founder, President and CEO of Maker Media, INC and founder of MAKE Magazine.
Category: CEO, Coined, Founder, President, and Twitter
Dale Heatherington
Co-founder Hayes Microcomputer Products, a U.S. based manufacturer of modems.
Category: Founder
Danah Boyd
Social media scholar, youth researcher and advocate who works at Microsoft Research.
Category: Female, Researcher, Twitter, and Writer
Dana Scott
Professor of computer science, philosophy, and mathematical logic.
Category: Editor, Professor, and Writer
Dana Ulery
Pioneer in scientific computing applications and first woman engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
Category: Engineer, Female, Scientist, and Writer
Dan Bricklin
Creator of VisiCalc.
Category: Entrepreneur, Father, Founder, President, Twitter, and Writer
Danese Cooper
Open source diva and American computer programmer.
Category: Director, Female, Programmer, Scientist, and Twitter
Dan Farmer
American computer security researcher who created Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks (SATAN).
Category: Researcher and Writer
Dan Gillmor
American technology writer, columnist, and teacher of digital media entrepreneurship.
Category: Director, Entrepreneur, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Dan Gookin
Author of the first ...For Dummies books including DOS for Dummies.
Category: Writer
Daniel Ek
Swedish entrepreneur, founder and CEO of the music streaming service Spotify.
Category: CEO, Entrepreneur, Founder, and Twitter
Daniel Friedman
American computer scientist, author and programming language researcher.
Category: Editor, Professor, Programmer, Researcher, Scientist, and Writer
Daniel Hess
American composer and video game sound designer.
Category: Composer
Daniel Ingalls
Pioneer of object-oriented computer programming.
Category: Inventor and Programmer
Daniel Kottke
Early Apple computer engineer who help assemble and test the first Apple I.
Category: Engineer, Founder, and Twitter
Daniel Mccracken
American Computer scientist, pioneer, and programmer.
Category: Professor, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Dan Kaminsky
American security researcher and chief scientist of White Ops.
Category: Researcher, Scientist, Twitter, and Writer
Dan Kaufman
Director of the Information Innovation Office at DARPA.
Category: Director, Manager, Twitter, and Writer
Danny Cohen
Internet pioneer and network specialist who Designed the first real-time visual flight simulator.
Category: Engineer, Founder, Personality, Scientist, and Writer
Dave Boggs
American Electrical and radio engineer who developed early Internet protocols.
Category: Engineer and Inventor
Dave Raggett
Developing HTTP, XHTML, HTML
Category: Writer
Dave Winer
American software developer, entrepreneur, and writer.
Category: Editor, Entrepreneur, Founder, Personality, Twitter, and Writer
David Bailey
Senior scientist of Computational Research Dept. at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Category: Scientist and Writer
David Baszucki
Massively multiplayer online game, physics-based sandbox and user-generated content site.
Category: CEO, Founder, and Twitter
David Bradley
Developer of the three finger salute.
Category: Engineer, Inventor, Programmer, and Writer
David Clark
American computer scientist known for the Clark-Wilson model.
Category: Chairman, Inventor, Scientist, and Writer
David Crane
Making games for the Atari 2600
Category: Founder and Programmer
David Culler
Inventor of TinyOS.
Category: Director, Founder, Inventor, Scientist, and Writer
David Cutler
Father of Windows NT.
Category: Engineer and Father
David Deutsch
British physicist who is known for the Quantum Turing machine.
Category: Physicist and Writer
David Evans
Founder of the computer science department at the University of Utah.
Category: Founder
David Ferrucci
American Computer Scientist who led the IBM team in the development of Watson the
Category: Researcher, Scientist, and Writer
David Filo
Co- founder of Yahoo!.
Category: Founder and Programmer
David Hansson
Danish computer programmer and creator of Ruby on Rails web development framework and the Instiki wiki.
Category: Hacker, Programmer, Twitter, and Writer
David Hilbert
German mathematician known for discovering invariant theory and the axiomatization of geometry.
Category: Founder and Mathematician
David Huffman
Computer science pioneer known for his Huffman coding.
Category: Inventor and Programmer
David Karp
American web developer and founder of blogging platform, Tumblr.
Category: CEO, Entrepreneur, Founder, Personality, and Twitter
David Kravitz
Software Engineer and one of the original developers of Snapchat.
Category: Engineer and Manager
David Lee
Chinese-American business executive and inventor of the Daisywheel Printer.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Inventor, and President
David Litchfield
British computer security expert, database authority and author.
Category: Entrepreneur, Founder, Hacker, Twitter, and Writer
David Morse
Co-founder of Amiga.
Category: Founder
David Noble
Historian, author and professor of Social and Political Thought.
Category: Inventor, Professor, and Writer
David Packard
Co-founder of the Hewlett-Packard (HP) company.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Founder, Inventor, President, and Writer
David Parnas
Pioneer of software engineering.
Category: Programmer
David Patterson
American computer pioneer who coined and contributed to RISC.
Category: Coined, President, Professor, and Writer
David Reed
Known for his work with computer networking, TCP/IP, User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Multiversion concurrency control.
Category: Writer
David Smith
Author of the Melissa Virus which he released to the world in 1999.
Category: Convict and Writer
David Warthen
American technologist and co-founder of Ask Jeeves.
Category: Founder
David Wheeler
First computer scientist who completed a PhD in computer science.
Category: Scientist and Writer
David Wise
British video game music composer known for his work on Nintendo's Donkey Kong Country series.
Category: Composer and Twitter
David Young
American computer scientist and mathematician.
Category: Mathematician, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Dean Kamen
Inventor of the Segway.
Category: Entrepreneur and Inventor
Demis Hassabis
British artificial intelligence researcher, neuroscientist, computer game designer and gamer.
Category: Founder, Gamer, Programmer, Researcher, Scientist, and Twitter
Dennis Crowley
American Internet entrepreneur known for co-founding Foursquare and Dodgeball.
Category: Entrepreneur, Founder, and Twitter
Dennis Fong
Entrepreneur and retired celebrity pro computer gamer.
Category: Coined, Entrepreneur, Founder, and Gamer
Dennis Hayes
Founder of Hayes Microcomputer Products and inventor of the PC Modem.
Category: Chairman, Founder, and Inventor
Dennis Ritchie
Creator of the C programming language and developer of UNIX.
Category: Programmer and Writer
Derek Gehl
Internet marketing strategist, software developer, e-commerce columnist and seminar speaker.
Category: Twitter and Writer
Derrick Lehmer
American mathematician.
Category: Mathematician
Desiree Wrigley
CEO and Co-Founder at GiveForward Inc.
Category: CEO, Founder, and Twitter
Dick Costolo
American Businessman, entrepreneur, and CEO of Twitter.
Category: CEO, Entrepreneur, Founder, Investor, Twitter, and Writer
Dimitri Bertsekas
Applied mathematician and computer scientist known for Convex optimization and Approximate Dynamic Programming.
Category: Mathematician, Professor, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Dimitry Golubov
Ukrainian hacker and founder of the Internet Party of Ukraine.
Category: Convict, Founder, Hacker, and Twitter
Donald Bitzer
American electrical engineer and computer scientist and Father of PLATO.
Category: Engineer, Father, Inventor, Programmer, and Scientist
Donald Chamberlin
American computer scientist known for SQL.
Category: Scientist and Writer
Donald Davies
Welsh computer scientist known for helping to invent packet switching.
Category: Inventor, Scientist, and Writer
Donald Knuth
Father of analysis of algorithms, creator of the TeX computer typesetting system and metafont font.
Category: Father, Professor, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Donald Michie
British researcher in artificial intelligence.
Category: Founder and Researcher
Donald Shell
American computer scientist and creator of the Shell sort sorting algorithm.
Category: Scientist and Writer
Don Libes
Computer scientist at NIST and creator of STEP and Expect software programs.
Category: Scientist and Writer
Donna Dubinsky
American Businesswoman who helped with the development of PDAs at Palm.
Category: CEO, Female, Founder, and Twitter
Donn Parker
Security researcher and consultant.
Category: Researcher and Writer
Don Syme
Australian born computer scientist and creator of the F# programming language.
Category: Programmer, Researcher, Scientist, Twitter, and Writer
Dorr Felt
American inventor best known for inventing the Comptometer.
Category: Inventor and Writer
Douglas Crockford
Influential American computer programmer
Category: Programmer and Writer
Douglas Engelbart
Inventor of the computer mouse.
Category: Inventor and Writer
Douglas Hofstadter
American author, professor and cognitive scientist.
Category: Professor, Scientist, and Writer
Douglas Lenat
Prominent researcher in artificial intelligence.
Category: CEO, Researcher, and Writer
Douglas Mcllroy
Computer programmer, mathematician and engineer who develops Unix pipelines.
Category: Chairman, Editor, Engineer, Mathematician, Professor, and Programmer
Douglas Ross
Computer scientist pioneer who is known for the term CAD and as the father of APT.
Category: Chairman, Engineer, Father, Inventor, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Dov Frohman
Israeli electrical engineer and former vice president of Intel Corporation.
Category: Engineer, Founder, Inventor, Manager, President, and Writer
Dov Moran
Israeli engineer known for founding the company who invented the DiskOnKey thumb drive.
Category: Chairman, Engineer, Founder, Inventor, and Twitter
Drew Houston
American internet entrepreneur known for founding the online backup service Dropbox.
Category: CEO, Entrepreneur, Founder, and Twitter
Drew Major
Co-founder of Novell and chief architect and developer of NetWare operating system.
Category: Founder and Inventor
Dries Buytaert
Open-source software programmer known as founder and lead developer of the Drupal CMS (Content Management System).
Category: Entrepreneur, Founder, Programmer, Twitter, and Writer
Dudley Buck
Electrical engineer and inventor of computer components.
Category: Engineer, Inventor, and Writer
Dustin Moskovitz
Co-founder of the social networking website Facebook.
Category: Entrepreneur and Founder

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