Dabbala Reddy

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Dabbala ReddyName: Dabbala (Rej) Rajagopal Reddy

Born: June 13, 1937, in Katur, Andhra Pradesh, India

Computer-related contributions

  • Indian American computer scientist.
  • One of the early pioneers in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.
  • He and his colleagues created several historic demonstrations of spoken language systems, e.g., voice control of a robot, large vocabulary connected speech recognition, speaker independent speech recognition, and unrestricted vocabulary dictation.

Honors and awards

  • First person of Asian origin to receive the ACM Turing Award for his work in the field of artificial intelligence (1994).
  • IEEE James L. Flanagan Speech and Audio Processing Award, "for leadership and pioneering contributions to speech recognition, natural language understanding, and machine intelligence." (2008).