David Hilbert

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David Hilbert

Name: David Hilbert

Born: January 23, 1862, in Königsberg or Wehlau, Province of Prussia (today Znamensk, Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia)

Death: February 14, 1943 (Age: 81)

Computer-related contributions

  • German mathematician. Known for discovery of invariant theory, the axiomatization of geometry, Hilbert's basis theorem, Hilbert's axioms, Hilbert's problems, Hilbert's program, and Einstein–Hilbert action.
  • Devised the theory of Hilbert spaces, one of the foundations of functional analysis.
  • Recognized as one of the founders of proof theory and mathematical logic.
  • One of the first to distinguish between mathematics and metamathematics.

Honors and awards

  • Bolyai Prize (1910).
  • Lobachevsky Prize (1903).
  • ForMemRS.