Dennis Fong

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Dennis Fong

Name: Dennis "Thresh" Fong

Born: 1977

Computer-related contributions

  • Entrepreneur and retired celebrity pro gamer.
  • Has been called "the Michael Jordan of video games."
  • Known for: co-founding Xfire, an instant messenger and social networking site for gamers which was acquired by Viacom for US$102 million in April 2006.
  • Founded GX Media, the parent company of, FiringSquad, and Lithium Technologies.
  • Founded Raptr, 2007.

Honors and awards

  • "Top 20 Entrepreneur Under 35" by Red Herring magazine.
  • Voted as the "Top North American E-Sports Figure of All Time".
  • People coined the term "Thresh ESP" to describe his unnatural knack for knowing exactly what his opponents were doing.