Douglas Mcllroy

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Douglas McllroyName: Douglas Mcllroy

Born: 1932

Computer-related contributions

  • Programmer, mathematician, and engineer.
  • Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Dartmouth College.
  • Developed Unix pipelines, software componentry and several Unix tools, such as spell, diff, sort, join, graph, speak, and tr.
  • Pioneer of component-based software and software product line engineering.

Honors and awards

  • Won both the USENIX Lifetime Achievement Award ("The Flame") and its Software Tools award.
  • Served as national lecturer for Association for Computing Machinery.
  • Turing Award chairman.
  • Associate editor for the Communications of the ACM.
  • Member of executive committee of CSNET.


"The real hero of programming is the one who writes negative code."

"As a programmer, it is your job to put yourself out of business. What you do today can be automated tomorrow."