Douglas Ross

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Douglas RossName: Douglas (Doug) Taylor Ross

Born: December 21, 1929

Death: January 21, 2007 (Age: 78)

Computer related contributions

  • American computer scientist pioneer, and Chairman of SofTech, Inc. a software/consulting company and early supplier of Pascal compilers.
  • Best known for originating the term CAD for computer-aided design, and recognized as the father of Automatically Programmed Tools (APT) a language to drive numerically controlled manufacturing.
  • Inventor of SADT, Structured Analysis and Design Technique and an early developer of structured analysis methods.


  • Computer-aided design (1961)
  • A generalized technique for symbol manipulation and numerical calculation (1961)
  • Investigations in computer-aided design for numerically controlled production (1968)
  • Automatic generation of efficient lexical processors using finite state techniques (1968)
  • Software engineering: process, principles, and goals (1975)
  • Structured Analysis for Requirements Definition (1976)
  • Toward Foundations for the Understanding of type (1976)
  • Structured Analysis for Requirements Definition (1977)
  • Structured Analysis (SA): A Language for Communicating Ideas (1977)
  • Origins of the APT Language for Automatically Programmed Tools (1978)
  • Removing the limitations of natural language (with the principles behind the RSA language) (1980)
  • Applications and Extensions of SADT (1985)
  • SADT Structured Analysis and Design Technique (1988)
  • The NATO Conferences form the Perspective of an Active Software Engineer (1989)

Honors and awards

  • Joseph Marie Jacquard Memorial Award from the Numerical Control Society (1975)
  • Distinguished Contributions Award from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (1980)
  • Honorary Engineer of the Year Award from the San Fernando Valley Engineer’s Council (1981)