Dov Moran

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Dov Moran

Name: Dov Moran

Born: 1956

Computer-related contributions

  • Israeli inventor, businessman, and engineer.
  • Founder and chairman of M-Systems, company who invented the DiskOnKey (also known as flash drives or thumb drives).
  • Sold M-Systems to SanDisk for the amount of $1.6B (2006).
  • Founder and chairman of modu, inventor of the modu, a modular cellular device which can be used in other devices (Sold patents to Google for $4.9B).
  • Founded Comigo, which develops a TV platform (an Android-based Smart Set-Top-Box) 2012.


"My wife gave me a very good lesson: if you talk about your charity work, it isn't charity anymore. It's PR."