Emanuel Goldberg

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Emanuel Goldberg

Name: Emanuel Goldberg

Born: August 31, 1881, in Moscow

Death: September 13, 1970 (Age: 89)

Computer-related contributions

  • Chemist and physicist known for his contribution to a wide range of theoretical and practical advances relating to light and media and was the founding head of Zeiss Ikon, the famous photographic products company in Dresden, Germany.
  • Invented microdots, the Kinamo movie camera, the Contax 35mm camera, a very early search engine, and equipment for sensitometry.

Significant publications

  • The Densograph. British Journal of Photography 57 (26 Aug 1910): 649-51 (1910).
  • Die Aufbau des photographisches Bildes (1922).
  • A new process of micro-photography. British Journal of Photography 73 (1910).
  • The retrieval problem in photography (1932).

Honors and awards

  • Awarded the Israel Prize, in exact science (1968).