Erik Selberg

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Erik SelbergName: Erik Selberg

Born: 1972

Computer-related contributions

  • American software developer best known for the creation of MetaCrawler, one of the first Web meta-search engines.
  • Former Senior Developer at Microsoft on the Live Search product team.
  • Currently a Senior Manager at heading the Item Authority team.

Significant publications

  • On the Instability of Web Search (2000).
  • Towards Comprehensive Web Search. Ph. D. Thesis (1999).
  • Experiments with Collaborative Index Enhancement Tech Report (1998).
  • The MetaCrawler Architecture for Resource Aggregation on the Web (1997).
  • Multi-Service Search and Comparison using the MetaCrawler (1995).
  • TRON: Process-Specific File Protection for the UNIX Operating System (1995).
  • How to Stop a Cheater: Secret Sharing with Dishonest Participants (1993).