Gaston Gonnet

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Gaston H. Gonnet

Name: Gaston H. Gonnet

Born: September 22, 1948, in Montevideo, Uruguay

Computer-related contributions

  • Uruguayan-Canadian computer scientist, professor, and entrepreneur.
  • Known for his work with the Maple computer algebra system.
  • Creator of an electronic version of the Oxford English Dictionary.
  • Co-founder of the Symbolic Computation Group at the University of Waterloo (1980).

Significant publications

  • Scientific Computation (2009).
  • Handbook of Algorithms and Data Structures in Pascal and C (1991).

Honors and awards

  • Awarded a Dr. Honoris Causa by the Universidad de la República (2013).


"By and large, for most people input is still ASCII. For the output, you don't want it to be ASCII. I would say that if you are an unsophisticated user, you may want to use the input with standard math. But if you really want to use the input many times you will hate the slowness of using the mouse in a graphical input. You really want to type in things, in ASCII."