George Stibitz

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George StibitzName: George Robert Stibitz

Born: April 20, 1904, in York, Pennsylvania USA

Death: January 31, 1995 (Age: 91)

Computer-related contributions

  • Recognized as one of the fathers of the modern first digital computer.
  • In 1937 he built a digital machine called the Model K, which was based on relays, flashlight bulbs, and metal strips cut from tin-cans.
  • He was the first to demonstrate using a computing machine remotely over a phone line.
  • Stibitz used a teleType to send commands to the Complex Number Calculator in New York over telephone lines.
  • He is also known for his work in the 1930s and 1940s on the realization of Boolean logic digital circuits using electromechanical relays as the switching element.

Honors and awards

  • Harry H. Goode Memorial Award (1965).