Glen Culler

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Glen CullerName: Glen Jacob Culler

Born: July 7, 1927, in Savonburg, Kansas

Death: May 3, 2003 (Age: 76)

Computer-related contributions

  • Professor of electrical engineering and an early innovator in the development of the Internet.
  • Known for his pioneering innovations in multiple branches of computing, including invention of the first online system for interactive graphical mathematics computing.
  • Known for his early work in the field of digital speech processing, and his pioneering work on the ARPANET.
  • Developer of the Culler-Fried Online System, one of the first interactive computer systems in the mid-1960 era. Culler's online system was chosen by ARPA to be one of the first four nodes on the original ARPANET in 1969. With the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), he participated in the first exchange of packets of data transmitted in the nascent Internet.

Honors and awards

  • IEEE Computer Society Award (2000).
  • Seymour Cray Award (2000).
  • National Medal of Technology (1999).