Guy Steele

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Guy Steele

Name: Guy Lewis Steele Jr.

Born: October 2, 1954, in Missouri, USA

Computer-related contributions

  • Often referred to as "The Great Quux" American computer scientist who has played an important role in designing and documenting several computer programming languages.
  • He joined the company Thinking Machines, where he helped to define and promote a parallel version of Lisp called *Lisp (Star Lisp).
  • In 2005, began leading a team of researchers at Sun developing a new programming language named Fortress, a high-performance language designed to obsolete Fortran.

Significant publications

  • The Java Language Specification (2005).
  • The High Performance Fortran Handbook (1994).
  • Common Lisp the Language (1984).
  • C: A Reference Manual (1984).
  • The Hacker's Dictionary (1982).

Honors and awards

  • Dr. Dobb's Journal Excellence in Programming Award (2005).
  • Named a Sun Fellow (2003).
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2002).
  • Member of the National Academy of Engineering of the United States of America (2001).
  • ACM Fellow (1994).
  • ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award (1988).