Harry Goode

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Harry H. GoodeName: Harry H. Goode

Born: June 30, 1909, in New York City, USA

Death: October 30, 1960 (Age: 51)

Computer-related contributions

  • American statistician, mathematician, electrical and chemical engineer, professor, and author.
  • Pioneer and leader in the field of system engineering.
  • One of the first scientists to grasp the powers and abilities of computers.
  • Helped create early systems projects including the Typhoon computer and Whirlwind computer at MIT.
  • Part of the group that developed the Bomarc missile and he conceived and developed their Air Defense Integrated System Project.

Significant publications

  • System Engineering; an Introduction to the Design of Large-Scale Systems (1957).

Honors and awards

  • Member of the IRE, now the IEEE Computer Society.
  • Former chairman of the National Joint Computer Committee.