Hugh Herr

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Hugh Herr

Name: Hugh Herr

Born: October 25, 1964

Computer-related contributions

  • American biophysicist, engineer, and rock climber.
  • Designer of specialized prostheses that enables him to climb as a double amputee on par with elite level, able-bodied people.
  • Holds patent for world's first powered ankle-foot prosthesis.
  • Associate professor in MIT's Program in Media Arts and Sciences and in the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology.

Honors and awards

  • Time Magazines Top Ten Inventions in the health category (2007, 2004).
  • 13th Annual Heinz Award for Technology (2007).
  • Popular Mechanics recipient of the Breakthrough Leadership Award (2005).
  • Featured in National Geographic movie, Ascent: The Story of Hugh Herr (2002).


"A decade or two ago we imagined a neural interface, but it was science fiction. But now these things are pretty close to being realized in the laboratory."

"Machines systematically taking over what humans do is not a healthy thing. There are certainly many areas of danger. It's important to do this, start talking about it, create a dialogue, and try to push things and, so we end up at a place that's reasonably healthy."