Computer People - J

Below is a listing of computer pioneers, inventors, and other people who have contributed to the computer industry that have a first or last name beginning with the letter 'J'. Clicking on any of the below links will open a biography for that person.

Jack Dennis
Computer scientist and retired MIT professor who help develop the Multics project.
Category: Founder, Hacker, Professor, Scientist, and sponsor
Jack Dorsey
Creator of Twitter and founder of Square.
Category: CEO, Founder, Inventor, and Twitter
Jack Kilby
Inventor of the integrated circuit, microchip, and the thermal printer.
Category: Inventor
Jack Ma
Chinese entrepreneur and Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group.
Category: Chairman, Entrepreneur, and Founder
Jack Tramiel
Founder of Commodore International.
Category: Founder
Jack Tretton
Short biography of Jack Tretton the President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America.
Category: CEO, Founder, Manager, and President
Jack Wolf
American researcher in information theory and coding theory.
Category: Researcher and Writer
Jacob Auch
Instrument, clock-maker, and author of Handbuch für Landuhrmacher
Category: Writer
Jacob Ziv
Israeli computer scientist who developed the LZ family of lossless data compression algorithms.
Category: Scientist
Jagadish Bose
Indian pioneer who investigated the radio and microwave optics and made a significant contribution to plant science.
Category: Father, Inventor, Physicist, and Writer
Jake Lodwick
American software engineer best known for co-founding Vimeo.
Category: CEO, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Founder, Investor, and Twitter
Jake Winebaum
American entrepreneur and founder of FamilyFun magazine, and
Category: Chairman, Director, Entrepreneur, Founder, President, Twitter, and Writer
Jakob Nielsen
Computer engineer and web usability consultant.
Category: Engineer, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
James Bryce
Supervising engineer of the division that developed time recording machines.
Category: Engineer and Inventor
James Burke
British broadcaster, author, futurist and science historian.
Category: Father, Founder, Researcher, and Writer
James Clark
American entrepreneur and founder of Netscape and Silicon Graphics.
Category: Entrepreneur, Founder, Scientist, and Writer
James Foley
Co-author of several widely-used textbooks in the field of computer graphics.
Category: Professor and Writer
James Goodnight
CEO of SAS Institute software company.
Category: CEO
James Gosling
Father of the Java programming language.
Category: Father, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
James Gray
American scientist best known for his contributions and transaction processing research and technical leadership in system implementation.
Category: Scientist and Writer
James Martin
Father of Computer Aided Systems Engineering (CASE).
Category: Father, Founder, and Writer
James Pomerene
Electrical engineer and computer pioneer who helped build a parallel stored program computer.
Category: Engineer and Writer
James Rand
American industrialist who revolutionized the business record industry and founded American Kardex.
Category: Founder and Writer
James Ready
American businessman and technologist and founder of MontaVista Software.
Category: Founder and President
James Russell
Inventor of the digital compact disc.
Category: Inventor
James Thomas
Computer scientist, visionary, and research and development leader in the field of computer graphics.
Category: Scientist
James Wilkinson
English scientist, mathematician, and discoverer of many significant algorithms.
Category: Mathematician and Scientist
Jane Jensen
American game designer and writer known for the Gabriel Knight adventure games.
Category: Director, Father, Programmer, Twitter, and Writer
Jane Moran
Global CIO of consumer goods manufacturer Unilever.
Category: Female
Jan Koum
American computer engineer and internet entrepreneur and co-founder of WhatsApp.
Category: CEO, Director, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Founder, Hacker, and Twitter
Jan Rajchman
American electrical engineer and computer pioneer.
Category: Engineer and Inventor
Janus Friis
Danish entrepreneur and co-founder of Skype and KaZaA.
Category: Entrepreneur and Founder
Jarkko Oikarinen
Initial developer of IRC.
Category: Programmer
Jaron Lanier
American computer scientist, composer, visual artist, and author.
Category: Composer, Scientist, and Writer
Jason Scott
American archivist, filmmaker and technology historian.
Category: Director, Founder, Manager, and Twitter
Jason Shellen
Thing Labs and developed Blogger
Category: Entrepreneur, Founder, Manager, and Twitter
Jawed Karim
Co-founder of YouTube.
Category: Founder
Jay Forrester
Computer engineer and system scientist who developed the aircraft flight simulator which later evolved to become the Whirlwind digital computer.
Category: Engineer, Founder, Scientist, and Writer
Jay Miner
Father of the Amiga.
Category: Father
Jean Bartik
One of the world's first computers and computer programmers.
Category: Female and Programmer
Jean Fourier
French mathematician and physicist best known for initiating the investigation of Fourier series and their applications of problems of heat transfers and vibrations.
Category: Mathematician, Physicist, and Writer
Jean Hoerni
Silicon transistor pioneer.
Category: Engineer and Inventor
Jean Ichbiah
Designed the keyboard layout of FITALY.
Category: Scientist
Jeanmauriceemile Baudot
French telegraph engineer who invented the Baudot Code.
Category: Engineer and Inventor
Jean Sammet
American computer scientist who developed the FORMAC programming language.
Category: Female, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Jeff Bezos
Founder, president, CEO, and chairman of the board of Amazon.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Founder, and President
Jeff Hawkins
Founder of Palm and author of On Intelligence.
Category: Founder, Inventor, and Writer
Jeffrey Chu
Computer engineer who's team designed the first American electronic computer, the ENIAC.
Category: Engineer
Jeffrey Parson
Creator of the B variant of the Blaster worm.
Category: Convict
Jeffrey Raikes
Chief executive officer of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Category: President
Jeffrey Skoll
Canadian engineer and Internet entrepreneur known for being the first employee and president of eBay.
Category: Chairman, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Founder, President, and Twitter
Jeffrey Ullman
Computer scientist, author and professor at Stanford University.
Category: Analyst, Founder, Professor, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Jeff Taylor
American internet entrepreneur and founder of the online job site
Category: Entrepreneur and Founder
Jef Raskin
Known for starting the Macintosh project for Apple in the late 1970's.
Category: Manager, Programmer, and Writer
Jen-hsun Huang
Taiwanese-American entrepreneur and co-founder of Nvidia.
Category: CEO, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Founder, and President
Jennifer Pahlka
Short biography of Jennifer Pahlka the founder and Executive Director of Code for America and U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer.
Category: Director, Female, Founder, Manager, and Twitter
Jenni Flinders
American born Vice president of the U.S. Partner Group at Microsoft Company
Category: Female, President, and Twitter
Jeremy Stoppelman
Co-founder and CEO of Yelp.
Category: CEO, Director, and Founder
Jeri Ellsworth
American self-taught computer chip designer and entrepreneur.
Category: Entrepreneur, Female, and Hacker
Jerry Sanders
Founder and former CEO of AMD.
Category: CEO and Founder
Jerry Shen
Entrepreneur and creator of fantasy sports app Bignoggins.
Category: Director, Entrepreneur, and Twitter
Jerry Yang
Co-founder and former CEO of Yahoo!
Category: CEO, Director, Entrepreneur, and Founder
Jim Aspnes
Professor in Computer Science at Yale University and creator of TinyMUD.
Category: Professor and Twitter
Jim Ellis
Computer scientist who help create Usenet.
Category: Scientist
Jim Hall
Computer Programmer and Advocate for free software known for his work on FreeDOS.
Category: Programmer and Twitter
Jimmy Wales
American Internet entrepreneur best known as the co-founder and promoter of Wikipedia.
Category: Entrepreneur, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Joe Belfiore
Corporate Vice President of Operating Systems Group and Windows Phone at Microsoft.
Category: Founder, President, and Twitter
Joe Ossanna
Electrical engineer and computer programmer known for his work with Unix operation system.
Category: Engineer, Programmer, and Writer
Johann Bischoff
Architect as well as planning director to the court who authored an account of the history of computing tools and methods (1804).
Category: Director, Inventor, and Writer
Johannes Kepler
German mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, and key figure in the 17th century scientific revolution.
Category: Inventor, Mathematician, and Writer
Johann Gauss
German mathematician and physical scientist referred to as
Category: Mathematician, Scientist, and Writer
John Atanasoff
Inventor of the first digital computer.
Category: Inventor
Johnathan Wendel
Considered to be the world's first prominent and accomplished professional computer gamer.
Category: Founder, Gamer, Twitter, and Writer
John Backus
Directory of the team that created the first high-level programming language (FORTRAN)
Category: Director, Inventor, Programmer, and Scientist
John Baird
Scottish engineer who invented the world's first mechanical television.
Category: Engineer, Inventor, and Scientist
John Bardeen
Co-inventor of the transistor.
Category: Engineer, Inventor, and Physicist
John Barlow
American poet, essayist, and founding member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Category: Founder
John Bennet
Australia professor of computer science and the founding president of the Australian Computer Society.
Category: Founder, President, and Professor
John Carmack
American game programmer and founder of Id Software.
Category: Director, Founder, Programmer, and Twitter
John Chambers
Chairman and Board and CEO of Cisco.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Director, and President
John Cocke
Father of RISC architecture.
Category: Father, Inventor, and Scientist
John Collison
Irish student and internet entrepreneur known for co-founding Stripe.
Category: Entrepreneur, Founder, and Twitter
John Diebold
Consultant and writer who championed the widespread use of computing and automated technology.
Category: Manager and Writer
John Doerr
American venture capitalist widely regarded as one of the top technology venture capitalists in the world.
Category: Investor and Twitter
John Draper
Programmer phone phreak.
Category: Programmer and Writer
John Dvorak
American columnist and broadcasters in the areas of technology and computing.
Category: Editor, Personality, President, Twitter, and Writer
John Eckert
Electrical engineer and computer pioneer who help invent the ENIAC and UNIVAC.
Category: Engineer, Founder, and Inventor
John Eulenberg
Professor Emeritus at Michigan State who Created Stevie Wonder's first talking and signing computer (1975).
Category: Professor and Twitter
John Fleming
Inventor of the first vacuum tube and diode.
Category: Engineer, Inventor, Physicist, and Writer
John Gustafson
American computer scientist and business man known for his work in High Performance Computing (HFC).
Category: CEO, Director, Inventor, Professor, Scientist, and Writer
John Hollar
President and CEO of the Computer History Museum.
Category: CEO and President
John Hopcroft
American theoretical computer scientist known for his textbooks on theory of computation.
Category: Scientist and Writer
John Impagliazzo
Historian, author, and professor of the computing sciences.
Category: Editor, Professor, and Writer
John Kemeny
Hungarian American mathematician, computer scientist and co-developer of the BASIC computer programming language.
Category: Mathematician, President, Programmer, and Scientist
John Markoff
New York Times Journalist and Author of Takedown book about Kevin Mitnick.
Category: Editor, Hacker, Twitter, and Writer
John Mauchly
American physicist who helped develop the ENIAC, EDVAC, BINAC, and UNIVAC I.
Category: Founder, Inventor, Physicist, and Programmer
John Mcafee
American computer programmer and founder of McAfee and one of the first to design anti-virus software
Category: Founder, Programmer, Twitter, and Writer
John Mccarthy
American computer scientist who coined the term artificial intelligence (AI) and created Lisp.
Category: Coined, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
John Napier
Mathematician, physicist, astronomer, and inventor of "Napier's bones."
Category: Inventor, Mathematician, Physicist, and Writer
John Nash
American mathematician known for Nash equilibrium and Nash embedding theorem.
Category: Mathematician, Scientist, and Writer
John Neumann
Helped developed von Neumann architecture.
Category: Mathematician, President, Scientist, and Writer
John Opel
Computer businessman who served as the president of IBM.
Category: CEO, Chairman, and President
John Ousterhout
Professor of computer science at University of California where he created Tcl scripting language and Tk platform.
Category: Chairman, Founder, President, Professor, Programmer, and Writer
John Pasta
American computer scientist known for co-originating the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam experiment.
Category: Mathematician, Physicist, Scientist, and Writer
John Pavlik
American academic and author who publishes on new media, journalism, and health communication.
Category: Writer
John Pinkerton
British pioneer computer designer.
Category: Inventor
John Resig
Computer programmer and entrepreneur known as the creator and lead developer of the jQuery JavaScript library.
Category: Entrepreneur, Programmer, Twitter, and Writer
John Romero
Co-founder of id Software and designer for many of their games, including Wolfenstein 3D, Dangerous Dave, Doom, and Quake.
Category: Director, Founder, Programmer, and Twitter
John Sall
Co-founder and executive vice president of SAS Institute.
Category: Founder and President
John Scully
CEO of Apple.
Category: CEO, Coined, and President
John Shedletsky
American game developer and designer and former creative director at ROBLOX.
Category: Director, Engineer, Twitter, and Writer
John Shoch
American computer scientist who helped develop PUP, an important predecessor of TCP/IP.
Category: Investor, Scientist, and Writer
John Thomson
Former vice-president at IBM and former CEO of Symantec.
Category: African American, CEO, and President
John Tukey
American statistician best known for the development of the FFT algorithm and box plot.
Category: Writer
John Vittal
Computer programmer who's credited with transforming the old email system into the highly user-friendly tool.
Category: Programmer and Twitter
John Walker
Inc as well as Co-author of AutoCAD.
Category: Founder, Hacker, Programmer, and Writer
John Warnock
Co-founder of Adobe.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Entrepreneur, Founder, President, and Scientist
Jolie Odell
Internet personality known for her blog and writing work with Mashable and VentureBeat.
Category: Female, Personality, and Writer
Jonathan Blow
American independent videogame developer and creator of the game Braid.
Category: Twitter
Jonathan Ive
English designer and the Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple Inc.
Category: President
Jonathan Postel
American computer scientist who made many significant contributions to the development of the Internet.
Category: Editor, Scientist, and Writer
Jon Hall
Executive Director of Linux International.
Category: Director and Writer
Jon Kraft
Co-founder, and CEO of Pandora Media.
Category: CEO and Founder
Jon Radoff
American author, entrepreneur, and game designer.
Category: Entrepreneur, Founder, Gamer, Twitter, and Writer
Jon Tetzchner
Founder and former CEO of Opera Software who left company in the year 2011.
Category: CEO and Founder
Jorma Rissanen
IBM researcher known for inventing the arithmetic coding technique of lossless data compression.
Category: Inventor, Researcher, and Writer
Joseph Canion
American computer scientist and co-founder of Compaq Computer Corporation
Category: CEO, Founder, President, and Scientist
Joseph Clement
British engineer and designer of the first calculating device.
Category: Engineer
Joseph Henry
American scientist who discovered the electromagnetic phenomenon of self-inductance.
Category: Inventor and Scientist
Joseph Jacquard
Developer of the earliest programmable loom, the Jacquard Loom.
Category: Inventor
Joseph Licklider
American computer scientist who created the idea of a universal network, which led to invention of ARPANET, which became the Internet.
Category: Inventor, Scientist, and Writer
Joseph Niepce
French inventor most well known for taking the first known photograph..
Category: Inventor
Joseph Weizenbaum
German-American author, professor emeritus of computer science at MIT who helped create MICR and created ELIZA.
Category: Professor, Programmer, and Writer
Joshua Lederberg
American molecular biologist known for his work in microbial genetics, artificial intelligence, and the US space program.
Category: President
Joshua Schachter
Creator of Delicious, GeoURL, and co-creator of Memepool.
Category: Investor
Joyce Reynolds
Computer scientist who helped develop Internet protocols.
Category: Editor, Female, Scientist, and Writer
Julian Assange
Editor, activist, computer programmer, and hacker best known as the founder of WikiLeaks.
Category: Editor, Founder, Hacker, Inventor, Personality, Programmer, Twitter, and Writer
Julian Bigelow
American computer engineer known for designing one of the first computers, the IAS.
Category: Engineer, Founder, and Writer
Juris Hartmanis
Computer scientist, computational theorist, and former professor at Cornell University.
Category: Professor and Scientist
Justine Ezarik
American Internet personality, lifecaster, and viral video comedian.
Category: Female, Personality, and Twitter
Justin Frankel
American computer programmer best known for his work on the Winamp media player application
Category: Founder, Inventor, Programmer, Twitter, and Writer
Justin Kan
American Internet entrepreneur and co-founder of and TwitchTV.
Category: Entrepreneur, Founder, Investor, and Twitter
Justin Rattner
Corporate Vice President, chief technology officer (CTO) and director of Intel Labs
Category: Director, President, Scientist, and Twitter

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