James Pomerene

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James PomereneName: James Herbert Pomerene

Born: June 22, 1920, in Yonkers, New York USA

Died: December 7, 2008

Computer-related contributions

  • Electrical engineer and computer pioneer.
  • He helped build a parallel stored program computer that was the protoType for a number of machines such as the Maniac, Oracle, Illiac, etc. Pomerene designed the adder portion of the arithmetic unit and then was entirely responsible for the development and construction of the electrostatic (Williams Tube) memory.

Significant publications

  • Fast carry logic for digital computers (1955).
  • A Note on High Speed Digital Multiplication (1956).

Honors and awards

  • IEEE Edison Medal (1993).
  • Eckert-Mauchly Award (2006).