Jean Ichbiah

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Jean Ichbiah

Name: Jean David Ichbiah

Born: March 25, 1940

Death: January 26, 2007 (Age: 67)

Computer-related contributions

  • French-born computer scientist and the chief designer (from 19771983) of Ada.
  • Designed an experimental system implementation language called LIS (19721974), based on Pascal and Simula.
  • Designed the keyboard layout FITALY, which is specifically optimized for stylus or touch-based input.
  • Started the Textware company, which sells text entry software for PDAs and tablet PCs, and text-entry software for medical transcription on PCs.

Honors and awards

  • Designated a "chevalier" (knight) of the French Legion of Honor (1979).
  • Correspondent" of the French Academy of Sciences (1979).