Joe Belfiore

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Joe Belfiore

Name: Joe Belfiore

Born: Unknown

Computer-related contributions

  • Corporate Vice President of Operating Systems Group and Windows Phone at Microsoft.
  • Manages the team doing Windows Phone/Tablet/PC product definition & design.
  • Founder of the non-stop 24–48 hour treasure hunt The Game.
  • Previous president of Zune Software and Service.

Honors and awards

  • Named the #10 Best Designer in Technology by Business Insider (2013).


"We faced a massive problem. It would have been very difficult to create a range of devices for every operator at every price that included every app in the world. We decided to focus on building something at a limited set of price points in a small, limited number of countries. That's what we did this year. We had to get that right. Now that we've done that, we want to get Windows Phone at more price levels and in more countries."