John Shoch

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John Shoch

Name: John F. Shoch

Born: Unknown

Computer-related contributions

  • American computer scientist and venture capitalist. Made substantial contributions to the development of computer networking while at Xerox PARC, especially the development of PUP (PARC Universal Protocol), predecessor of TCP/IP.
  • His contributions were significant enough to warrant including his name on the memorial plaque at Stanford University commemorating the "Birth of the Internet."
  • Developed the first computer worm with Jon Hupp at Xerox.

Significant publications

  • "The 'Worm' Programs - Early Experience with a Distributed Computation", Communications of the ACM (1982).
  • "Pup: An Internetwork Architecture", IEEE Transactions on Communications (1980).
  • A note on Inter-Network Naming, Addressing, and Routing (1978).