John Shoch

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John Shoch

Name: John F. Shoch

Born: Unknown

Computer-related contributions

  • American computer scientist and venture capitalist. Made substantial contributions to the development of computer networking while at Xerox PARC, in particular to the development of the PARC Universal Protocol (PUP), predecessor of TCP/IP.
  • His contributions were significant enough to warrant including his name on the memorial plaque at Stanford University commemorating the "Birth of the Internet."
  • Developed the first computer worm with Jon Hupp at Xerox.

Significant publications

  • "The 'Worm' Programs - Early Experience with a Distributed Computation", Communications of the ACM (1982).
  • "Pup: An Internetwork Architecture", IEEE Transactions on Communications (1980).
  • A note on Inter-Network Naming, Addressing, and Routing (1978).