Joseph Weizenbaum

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Joseph WeizenbaumName: Joseph Weizenbaum

Born: January 8, 1923, in Berlin, Germany

Death: March 5, 2008 (Age: 85)

Computer-related contributions

  • German-American author, professor emeritus of computer science at MIT and creator of the SLIP programming language.
  • In 1956 he worked for General Electric on ERMA, a computer system which introduced the use of magnetically-encoded fonts imprinted on the bottom border of checks. This invention allowed for automated check processing via Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR).
  • Created ELIZA.
  • The Weizenbaum Award is named after him.

Significant publications

  • Computer Power and Human Reason (1976).
  • ELIZA — A Computer Program for the Study of Natural Language Communication between Man and Machine (1966).