Ken Kutaragi

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Ken Kutaragi

Name: Ken Kutaragi

Born: August 2, 1950, in Tokyo, Japan

Computer-related contributions

  • Former Chairman and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI), the video game division of Sony Corporation.
  • Known as "The Father of the PlayStation."
  • Designer of the sound processor for the Super Nintendo.
  • Creator of the VLSI chip which works in conjunction with the PS1's RISC CPU to handle the graphics rendering.

Honors and awards

  • Recipient of Game Developers Lifetime Achievement Award (2014).


"The current Xbox will become antiquated once the new machine comes out this November. When that happens, the Xbox will be killing itself. The only way to avoid that is to support 100 percent compatibility from Xbox 360's launch date, but Microsoft won't be able to commit to that. It's technically difficult."