Larry Constantine

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Larry Constantine

Name: Larry LeRoy Constantine

Born: February 14, 1943

Computer-related contributions

  • American software engineer and professor in the Mathematics and Engineering Department at the University of Madeira Portugal.
  • Considered one of the pioneers of computing. He has contributed numerous concepts and techniques forming the foundations of modern practice in software engineering and applications design and development.

Significant publications

  • The Peopleware Papers: Notes on the Human Side of Software (2001).
  • Beyond Chaos: The Expert Edge in Managing Software Development (2001).
  • Software for Use (1999).
  • Constantine on Peopleware (1995).

Honors and awards

  • Simon Rockower Award (2011).
  • Platinum Award of Excellence (first place) (2001).
  • Jolt Award for Product Excellence, best book of 1999 (1999).