Megan Smith

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Megan Smith

Name: Megan Smith

Born: October 1964

Computer-related contributions

  • CTO of the United States of America 2014-2017 under President Obama.
  • Former vice president at Google.
  • Former vice president of business development at Google for nine years.
  • Key player in the startups of Keyhole (Google Earth), Where2Tech (Google Maps), and Picasa.
  • Former CEO of Planet Out.
  • Co-hosts Google's Solve for X (a forum focused on technology-based moonshot thinking and collaboration project).

Honors and awards

  • Listed by Out magazine as one of the 50 most powerful LGBT people in the United States (2012, 2013).
  • Reuters Digital Vision Fellow at Stanford (2003, 2004).
  • World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer (2001, 2002).
  • Top 25 Women on the Web (2000).
  • Industry Standard's Top 10 people to watch (2000).