Computer People - N

Below is a listing of computer pioneers, inventors, and other people who have contributed to the computer industry that have a first or last name beginning with the letter 'N'. Clicking on any of the below links will open a biography for that person.

N Murthy
Indian businessman and co-founder of Infosys.
Category: Founder and Writer
Nate Silver
American statistician, sabermetrician, psephologist, and writer of FiveThirtyEight Blog.
Category: President, Twitter, and Writer
Nathan Emberton
Founder of Computer Hope.
Category: Engineer, Founder, and Writer
Nathan Myhrvold
Former Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft and Co-founder of Intellectual Ventures
Category: Founder, Personality, and Writer
Nathan Rochester
Designer of the IBM 701, programmer of the first assembler, and helped create the artificial intelligence field.
Category: Founder, Programmer, and Writer
Nathaniel Borenstein
American computer scientist and one of the original designers of the MIME protocol
Category: Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Neil Sloane
British-US mathematician known for being the creator of the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences.
Category: Mathematician and Writer
Neil Tyson
American astrophysicist and science communicator and former host of NOVA ScienceNow.
Category: African American, Director, Personality, Physicist, Twitter, and Writer
Nicholas Metropolis
Greek American physicist and on of the scientists during the Manhattan Project.
Category: Physicist, Scientist, and Writer
Nicholas Negroponte
American architect and founder of the One Laptop per Child Association (OLPC)
Category: Chairman, Founder, Inventor, Twitter, and Writer
Nick Woodman
American businessman, entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of GoPro.
Category: CEO, Entrepreneur, Founder, and Writer
Niels Bech
Leader in the field of electronic digital computers who assisted in the DASK project.
Category: Inventor and Writer
Niklaus Wirth
Computer scientist who programmed the Pascal language.
Category: Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Nikola Tesla
Inventor of alternating current (AC) and other inventions.
Category: Engineer, Inventor, Scientist, and Writer
Nikolay Brusentsov
Russian computer scientist known for building a ternary computer, Setun..
Category: Scientist and Writer
Noah Glass
Founder of Twitter.
Category: Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Noam Chomsky
Linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, and historian.
Category: Father, President, Scientist, and Writer
Nobuo Mii
Computer pioneer who made various contributions to computers
Category: Investor and Writer
Nolan Bushnell
American engineer and entrepreneur who founded both Atari, Inc. and the Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza-Time Theaters chain.
Category: Chairman, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Father, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Norbert Weiner
American mathematician and Professor of Mathematics at MIT and originator of cybernetics
Category: Mathematician, Professor, Researcher, and Writer
Norman Abramson
American computer scientist known for developing the ALOHAnet system for wireless communication.
Category: Engineer, Scientist, and Writer
Norman Margolus
Canadian-American computer scientist and physicist.
Category: Founder, Inventor, Physicist, Scientist, and Writer
Norman Nie
American social scientist who invented software that automates data analysis.
Category: Entrepreneur, Inventor, Professor, Scientist, and Writer

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