Oren Etzioni

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Oren Etzioni

Name: Oren Etzioni

Born: Unknown

Computer-related contributions

  • American entrepreneur and professor of Computer Science at Washington University.
  • CEO of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (A12).
  • University of Washington Research Foundation Entrepreneurship Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Founder and director of University of Washington's Turing Center (investigates issues in data mining).
  • Coined the term machine reading and created the first commercial comparison shopping agent.
  • Created the KnowItAll project for acquiring massive amounts of information from the Web (2003).
  • Co-founded Decide.com, a company who helps consumers make buying decisions using previous price history and recommendations from other users (Purchased by eBay in 2013).

Significant publications

  • Extracting product features and opinions from reviews (2005).
  • Grouper: a dynamic clustering interface to Web search results (1999).
  • Web document clustering: a feasibility demonstration (1998).

Honors and awards

  • Named "the most successful entrepreneur you've never heard of" by Business Insider (2013).
  • Voted "Geek of the Year" through GeekWire (2013).
  • Received the Robert S. Engelmore Memorial Award (2007).
  • IJCAI Distinguished Paper Award (2005).
  • AAAI Fellow (2003).
  • First Harvard University student to major in Computer Science (1986).


"We will not see AI that mimics real human thought for some decades now. We are seeing impressive advances though in machine learning, text process, and more. Still, my 4 YO is far smarter than any AI program I ever met."