Peter Franaszek

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Peter Franaszek

Name: Peter A. Franaszek

Born: Unknown

Computer-related contributions

  • American information theorist who help set the direction for modern constrained coding in digital recording and communication systems.
  • First to develop practical methods for the construction of run-length limited (RLL) codes. RLLs ensure that the boundary lengths between bits of data are neither too short nor too long to be detected, maximizing storage density in binary storage media.
  • His coding research determined fundamental aspects of constrained coding, and obtained algorithms for code construction.
  • His work served as a basis for key components in the proliferation of disk drives, compact disks (CDs), and digital versatile disks (DVDs).
  • Together with Albert Widmer, he designed 8b/10b encoding used in gigabit telecommunication systems.

Significant publications

  • Data Compression with Restricted Parsings (2006).
  • Victim management in a cache hierarchy (2006).
  • IBM Memory Expansion Technology (MXT) (2001).

Honors and awards

  • IEEE Richard W. Hamming Medal (2009).
  • ACM Paris Kanellakis Theory and Practice Award (2002).
  • IEEE Emanuel R. Piore Award (1989).