Ronald Stamper

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Ronald StamperName: Ronald K Stamper

Born: 1934 in West Bridgford, United Kingdom

Computer-related contributions

  • British computer scientist who is known for his work in Organisational semiotics.
  • Created the MEASUR methodology and the SEDITA framework.
  • Worked to find a theoretical foundation for the design and use of computer based information systems.
  • Written extensively about the nature of information resources.

Significant publications

  • Coordination and Communication Using Signs: Studies in Organisational Semiotics (2002).
  • Extending Semiotics for the Study of Information (1998).
  • LEGOL: Modelling legal rules by computer (1980).
  • Information in business and administrative systems (1973).


"Meanings express personal views of reality. When there is a firmly established consensus, and only then, we can pretend that meanings are independent of people."